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Providing accessible professional transportation reliably and safely! 

Accessible transportation

We specialize in accessible transportation and can provide all types of transportation requiring special arrangements. We provide the City of Helsinki with transport services for people with disabilities and our competence is at the highest level. 

Our vehicles represent the latest technology and make it possible to transport up to 4 people in wheelchairs simultaneously. They also meet the strictest quality standards specified by the EU for the transportation of people with disabilities.


Transportation for the elderly and disabled people

Transporting people safely to day activities or hospitals. 

We provide professional, experienced drivers and the best possible vehicles. We are especially devoted to attentive customer service and safety. 


School transport

Safe and reliable school transport for children with special needs. Our drivers are experienced school transport professionals. We are devoted to safety and diligence with regard to school transport. 

Price list

All prices include VAT 10%

Weekdays (also Saturday) at 06:00–16:003,80 €
Evenings at 16:00–06:00 and Sundays7,80 €
Charge per kilometer
1–4 people per km0,99 €
5–8 people per km1,49 €
Charged by time per minute0,79 €
Advance order fee5,00 €
Minimum charge10,00 €

All prices include VAT 10%


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Terms and conditions for bookings: Please note that your booking shall be confirmed by email. Your booking will not be processed without confirmation, and thus transport will not be provided. Cancelling a booking without additional fees is possible until 24 hours before the booked time. If you cancel your booking 12 hours before the agreed time, you will be charged 50% of the transport price.

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