Taxi Service

Javatrans provides taxi services based on customers’ needs. 

Our professional drivers and our modern vehicles ensure that You arrive safely and reliably to your destination anywhere in the Capital region (Espoo, Helsinki, and Vantaa). On your own or in a group, by a taxi or a minibus, our charter transport service will help you plan your travel! 

Book a fixed-rate taxi

Our payment practices are flexible: you can agree on a fixed rate for your trip in advance (the fixed rates can be found on our website via the order form) or use taximeter prices if you wish. 

Transport services for people with disabilities – Safe and responsible transport

Our drivers specialize in the transportation of people with disabilities and are required to be professionally qualified taxi drivers or hold a D1 license. Each of our drivers participating in the transportation of people with disabilities has successfully completed the training for operating a demanding vehicle in slippery conditions and the first aid training for professional drivers organized by the Finnish Red Cross

Our vehicles represent the latest in automotive technology and make it possible to transport up to 4 people in wheelchairs simultaneously. They also meet the strictest quality standards specified by the EU for the transportation of people with disabilities. Our vehicles are equipped with dual-beam wheelchair lifts, which allow for accessible, easy, and most of all safe transportation. Where necessary, you can also request a car equipped with stretchers. 

Corporate transport

Javatrans Oy has extensive experience of arranging transport services for corporate management and international clients. Our fleet covers the entire range of the personal transport sector from people carriers to VIP buses. 

We want to help you with any special requests you might have regarding your travel arrangements. Various additional services are available, ranging drivers with specific language skills to small-scale catering, as well as vehicle-related requirements. Let us fulfill your requests! 


Tourist groups

Our sales services are specialized in providing individual charter transportation. We can provide customized group transport to meet your needs. We provide various additional services: drivers with suitable language skills, refreshments provided during the ride or a specific vehicle based on your request.

Where necessary, the vehicle will be equipped with a sign to ensure that your party stays together and that you can find the vehicle easily in a crowded area. 


Price list

All prices include VAT 10%

Weekdays (also Saturday) at 06:00–16:003,80 €
Evenings at 16:00–06:00 and Sundays7,80 €
Charge per kilometer
1–4 people per km0,99 €
5–8 people per km1,49 €
Charged by time per minute0,79 €
Advance order fee5,00 €
Minimum charge10,00 €

All prices include VAT 10%


Submit a booking request using the enclosed form

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Terms and conditions for bookings: Please note that your booking shall be confirmed by email. Your booking will not be processed without confirmation, and thus transport will not be provided. Cancelling a booking without additional fees is possible until 24 hours before the booked time. If you cancel your booking 12 hours before the agreed time, you will be charged 50% of the transport price.

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